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She campaigned extensively in Patna and the interiors of Bihar during the elections of february 2005, against. non functional governance and widespread corruption.

Kunickaa was also actively involved in the VOTE INDIA campaign headed by Dr Jaiprakash Narayan, this campaign aims at political and systemic changes in the governance, taxation, PDS (public distribution system),and BMC.

She contested the corporation elections in 2007, from ward no 53,(north west Mumbai), under the Nationalist Congress Party symbol. She was then given the post of general secretary of the party. She built the strength of the party in the northwest mumbai district.

She rendered her resignation to the Nationalist Congress Party, after working in the party for two and a half years. With the intention of working in the larger interest of the country, under a dynamic leadership, in a party with a national presence, giving a voice to the million voiceless and faceless people, her endeavor in life is to help the people in and around the community to a better living, and equal opportunities no matter whichever strata of society the person belongs to.

During the recent Lok Sabha elections in 2009, she campaigned in U.P.,Jharkahand,Varanasi and Mumbai for the Congress and N.C.P candidates ,without accepting or demanding any kind of remuneration or favours for the same. Salman Khursheed sahib, Subhodh Kant Sahay ji, Gurudas Kamat ji, and Shri Sanjay Dina Patil were few of the candidates who won the elections ,and three of them are presently honourable ministers in the centre.

Recently on July 31st 2009 Kunickaa had the honour of meeting Shri Rahul Gandhi, she was so moved by his commitment to serve India and its people, that as soon as she returned from Delhi she decided to join the Congress party and work in his team with the same fervour and passion as before. Even though she had been working with Shri.Sunil Dutt & Other Congress leaders on social issues for many years. she joined the congress party formally on the 4th of aug 2009.

Dandi March With Sonia Gandhi Ji, Salman Khurshid Saheb & Congress
Indian National Congress
Nationalist Congress Party
Kunickaa With Salman Khurshid
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