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Launched "TARA CHARITABLE TRUST" on 15th of August 2005. This trust aims at rebuilding lives of destitute people, helping the under privileged, providing Medical, Educational and Emotional succor to the needy.

On 26th July 2005 a deluge drowned Mumbai city. Many people were left orphaned and homeless with nothing to eat and no roof above their heads. TARA CHARITABLE TRUST first venture was a medical camp which treated more than thousand patient within one day, ten days of kitchen (langar) functioning, supplying food to over two hundred people per day twice a day,providing household goods, pots and pans, blankets etc. TARA CHARITABLE TRUST adopted a hearing impaired girl called Lakshmi took the responsibility of her education for five years and provided her with highly digitized hearing aid. After seeing her progress the trust took on the responsibility of giving highly digitized Hearing Aids to over 90 students with hearing impairment from Shivaji Park School for the the hearing impaired. which cost the trust 21 lakhs approximately. Donations came from Celebrities like Sonu Nigaam, from the Ruia family & other friends & supporters. Our endeavor is to help the people in and around our community with a better living. To sensitize people about other people’s sufferings and give back India that shining glory it truly deserves.

    A Star of the Family

Laxmi, aged 21 years living with her mother and 5 siblings in a small one room house in Dharavi slums, Mumbai. She is deaf and dumb since birth but differently able and gifted. She has achieved medals and prizes at various events in school and interschool competitions. Her father works for the Municipal Corporation and spends all his income on gambling and alcoholic drinks. Her mother makes cane baskets and brooms for a living. On a typical day she makes about Rs. 100-200 per day. The family is supported mainly by Laxmi’s maternal uncles and grandmother, who stay close by in the colony.

Laxmi and her 2 sisters are sponsored by Tara Charitable Trust and their education is sponsored by the trust since 2005. Laxmi was able to complete her schooling with support of Tara Charitable Trust. The hearing aid provided by the organization helped her complete S.S.C board exams successfully. Though shy, she is very confident, has high self esteem and positive attitude towards life. She dreams big and takes steps to make it come true. Against all odds, she enrolled herself in college to pursue her degree. But, during the course, she realized that she was not able to compete with others in the class due to her disability. She gave up her studies after complete first year of junior college. This did not stop her from realigning her goal. She realized her interest in computers joined training classes for computer applications.

She is currently pursuing a computer course from an institute in south Mumbai. The computer institute recognized her efforts in learning and with her confidence; they have started giving her assignments. Laxmi is presently undertaking data entry job for the institute and adds to the income of the family. She makes about Rs. 2000 per month. With her first salary, she treated all her family, cousins, aunts and uncles with ice-creams. She is also proud of owning her mobile phone. She wants to support her siblings in completing their education. She expresses herself as an independent member of the family. Her efforts are towards providing support to her mother and siblings.

     Aarey Colony Work
Tara Charitable Trust begins Operating on 15 Aug 2005 With a Medical Camp For The Flood Affected In Mumbai- With Support CHIP
Tara Charitable Trust Working With Children Hearing Impairment
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